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Motor insurance in Nigeria: Recent Trends and Predictions

Nigeria has witnessed a magnificent growth in the past two decades. Appreciable levels of urbanization have evolved and the law has evolved with it. Motor insurance is a service designed to protect vehicle owners from multiple risks that may occur. Motor insurance in Nigeria is normally offered in two categories: Comprehensive, Third Party. But, some […]

Let´s Talk about Insurance Brokers in Nigeria

We should start by addressing the existence of the NCRIB (Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers) and comprehend that the system is regulated through this association. This is a very important instrument for us because it assists us in the process of making an educated choice and access information that we would otherwise need a […]

Introduction to 5 Random Car Insurance Companies in Nigeria

Car Insurance Companies are always going to be a need, especially in a fast revolving world where everything can be quantized and monetized. Our main objective in this article is to present you with an evaluation of a few Car Insurance Companies that operate within Nigeria, so you can deepen your knowledge in them and […]

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Get Vehicle Insurance Online – Safeguard your Vehicle from Potential Threats

You pay a huge part of your hard earned money to purchase a vehicle of your choice. You not only think about the comfort of your family, but also take it as a long term investment. You pay great attention towards the care and maintenance of your vehicle to reap long term benefits. But, one […]

Safeguard Your Prized Possessions With Compulsory Insurance In Nigeria

Insurance is a legal financial mechanism through which interests of people are safeguarded from the swords of uncertainity and losses. Insurance is of various types including Life insurance, Fire insurance, Marine insurance, vehicle insurance and others. In every type of insurance, customer pays a certain amount of money to the insurance company called premium, which […]

Motor Vehicle Insurance: Know Before You Buy

Most of us have childhood dreams of owning a car or a bike at some point in our lives. Once we get a job, we start saving money to buy a car of our choice and then finally we are able to do this. However, there are uncertainties car travels and cruises. Your car could […]

Common Types of Commercial Vehicle Insurance

In Nigeria it is compulsory to buy an insurance policy for your vehicle in order to stay protected all the time and keep you on the right side of the law. First of all it is important to know that car insurance policies are not designed to force you into some legal complications rather they […]

Why Compare Vehicle Insurance Quotes?

Are you thinking of buying a new vehicle in Nigeria? While finalizing your car purchase you need to pay some attention toward insurance policies too because it is important to enjoy a trouble free lifelong service from your vehicle. Prior to selecting your insurance policy you must be aware about the type of service and […]

Car Insurance: How to Make It Work for You

If you own a car or are about to become the owner of a car, getting a good car insurance must surely be one of your priorities. Before choosing a car insurance policy, you must understand its various aspects and component. A step by step guide to understand car insurance follows:

Breaking your insurance down: What […]

History of Insurance in Nigeria – A Peep at Olden Times

To understand how insurance operates in Nigeria, it is important to know the history of insurance in Nigeria. The birth of modern insurance in Nigeria is closely associated with the arrival of British Trading Companies. These companies facilitated inter-regional trade in the country. These foreign companies, therefore, needed to deal with some of their risks […]

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