Car Insurance Companies are always going to be a need, especially in a fast revolving world where everything can be quantized and monetized. Our main objective in this article is to present you with an evaluation of a few Car Insurance Companies that operate within Nigeria, so you can deepen your knowledge in them and be able to comprehend what you need to in order to make a smart and mostly informed decision.

Our first company is IGI Nigeria (Industrial & General Insurance). They offer a wide variety of insurance services, or, as it is commonly described general insurance. A client-focused approach makes them the leading provider for these services in West Africa, with 45 branches across Nigeria, having a strong presence in the country. Being the biggest company in the country obliges them to be able to offer affordable rates and maintain the structure formed 16 years ago, while being able to keep up with new tendencies.

Since risk management is always a very sought after field, insurance companies like Cornerstone arise with a similar structure to IGI but with a smaller presence. Their advantage is their focus on innovation and empathy towards the client, which brings a lot to the table when comparing prices, needs and services. When the offer to protect your electronic gadgets is the first thing you see, you might start wondering why you did not think about it before. They specialize in general insurance as well and are ready to provide you with a quote to protect your vehicle.

Leadway Insurance, on the other hand, offer a much more fresh take and attempt to grab your attention with a more western approach. Their website speaks to that. Their comprehensive mortgage and savings plans are other advantages they have and is exactly what makes them a contender to provide you with your insurance needs for your vehicles, but for any other you may have as well. Leadway also rises up with an astounding Education Protection Plan that protects your children´s education in the event of your death.

Leadway, IGI and Cornerstone are market giants and smaller companies, such as ADIC Insurance, or Zenith may have a tough time attempting to compete, but they manage to stay relevant with great plans for Home Insurance, this is the case especially for ADIC. Zenith Insurance focuses on providing general services as well. Having changed owners in the last fifteen years, they are still not at the same level as the previously mentioned companies, but they offer an extensive gamma of options for your insurance needs, from the most common travel insurance services to the detailed needs for your automobile.

There are plenty of Car Insurance Companies in Nigeria and to find one that could be deemed as reliable all that you need to do is visit NAICOM official website, where you will be able to find a list of those Car Insurance Companies that are registered and thus, considered trustworthy.